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Gaurav Agarwal,

President BSI

Sharon W.W. Chan,

Honorary Secretary BSI

During these difficult times of COVID pandemic, all health care professionals are putting their efforts to combat the virus while maintaining other emergency and or urgent services. Changes happened world-wide, especially the way we deliver the services so we can allocate more resources towards frontline and COVID team, meanwhile minimise interruption to our cancer services. National polices or Society guidelines are available to guide the management strategies (ASBS, ABS, SSO), but we believe that it should be dynamic and country specific to meet the rapidly changing scenario and to provide care depending on the severity of COVID and resources available in individual country. As the dust settles, and some clarity emerges, there is a growing realization amongst breast surgeons across the globe to find a balance between minimizing the risk of COVID-19 for their patients and the health care workers, and optimally treating breast cancers and other breast conditions.


Over the recent past, the BSI faculty have been conducting and participating in various outreach activities to take world class breast surgery education and training to various underserved parts of the globe. The BSI participated in 7th Malaysian Breast and Endocrine Surgery Course, at the Waterfront Hotel, Kuching, Malaysia on 31st October to 1st November 2019. As part of our MOU with the College of Surgeons, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia, the BSI conducted a day long training course for the Malaysian breast and endocrine fellows and other delegates. The BSI was represented by BSI president, Gaurav Agarwal, and past presidents, Polly Cheung, Cheng-Har Yip and Omar Youssef (Pictures). Various issues of importance in clinical practice of a breast surgeon, including pre-malignant/ high risk breast lesions, Chronic Granulomatous mastitis, Oncoplastic and Breast Conserving Surgery, Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy, Adjuvant Therapy and Influence of molecular subtypes of breast cancer, Neoadjuvant therapies and Surgical options after neoadjuvant treatment, Case based Discussions, and Set Up of the Breast cancer multi-disciplinary teams. Indeed, the deliberations of the day were found useful by most, and were well appreciated. The Malaysian hospitality was of an equally high class. The successful collaboration of BSI with the Malaysian college will be continued, and we are committed to support our Malaysian peers in training and teaching activities in coming years too.

President BSI, Gaurav Agarwal with BSI past Presidents, Cheng-Har Yip, Malaysia; Polly Cheung, Hong Kong; Omar Z. Youssef, Egypt

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, it is unfortunate that some of the planned scientific meetings/ outreach programs had to be cancelled, rescheduled or had be conducted only as webinars. These include the SGPGI Breast Course India (Feb/ Mar 2020) and SEABCS 2020 Jakarta (July 2020). We hope the pandemic situation will improve soon, permitting us to resume our activities, even if a bit low-key. At the same time, the BSI had drawn up a contingency plan to minimize travel and to conduct the teaching/ training activities by relying more on online meetings for our upcoming collaborative/ outreach programs. Some of the upcoming activities that the BSI is committed to participate in are: the IBCS 2020 at Hue City, Vietnam 26-27 June 2020; Hong Kong Society of Breast Surgeons Annual Scientific Meeting 5 Sept 2020; the Malaysian Breast & Endocrine Surgery Course. Melaka Malaysia. 24-25 Sept 2020; Breastanbul Oct 2020; 6th World Congress on Controversies in Breast Cancer (CoBrCa) Berlin, Germany November 19-21, 2020 (which was originally planned to be held at Chongqing, China); AIIMS-UK  Advaced Breast course, AIIMS , New Delhi Dec 2020; and Senaturk Dec 2020.

Breast Surgery International at the International Surgical Week ISW- 2021, Kuala Lumpur

The preparations for the next ISW at Kuala Lumpur are in full swing. The BSI program for the International surgical week is being chalked out. The BSI program chair Jean Francois Boileau is hard at work to provide an interesting and meaningful scientific program, covering the most contentious topics in breast surgery and breast oncology. Being in Asia, we expect large turn-out and a keen contest for the BSI Free Paper Prize and BSI Poster Prize. To encourage young breast surgeons from developing countries to join the congress, BSI Travel Award will be awarded to those who have abstract accepted for oral or poster presentation in the congress. Do not miss this highly educative and enjoyable meeting, and a great social experience too at Kuala Lumpur.


Gaurav Agarwal, President BSI


Sharon W.W. Chan, Honorary Secretary BSI

Malaysian Breast & Endocrine Surgery Course