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The International Surgical Week, the 49th World Congress of International Society of Surgery has been postponed to year 2022, due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. The BSI expects to welcome you in Malaysia with world’s leading experts in breast surgery on 28 August to 1 September 2022. An exciting world class scientific program covering most contentious and contemporary topics in breast surgery and breast surgical oncology awaits us. The most prestigious oration of BSI - the Umberto Veronesi Lecture - will be delivered by Dr Krishna Clough from Paris Breast Center, a renowned and pioneer oncoplastic breast surgeon. Debates, Symposia and Workshops, all planned to impart knowledge and skills needed in modern day breast surgery have been lined up, relevant to surgeons from all parts of the world. Abstract submission deadline is now changed to 28 January 2022. In addition, we are planning a virtual meeting in August/September 2021. Please stay tuned for updated news.


Under the influence of global COVID pandemic, we have used a new platform for teaching and sharing – virtual meeting. This allows us to partner with national and regional surgical societies for continual education. In the past few months, BSI had actively participated in on-line meeting hosted by Senaturk from Turkey and Hong Kong Society of Breast Surgeons from Hong Kong.


Senaturk Meets Breast Surgery International, 20 June 2020
It was an exciting webinar with international experts meeting online! The meeting was hosted by our council member Bahadir M Gulluoglu and our president elect Owen Ung. Panelists included our current President Gaurav Agarwal, and our past presidents Omar Youssef and Sarkis Meterissian. Together with Shawna Willey, SVS Deo and Sankaran Narayanan, there was great interactions and discussion on the topic “How to overcome challenges in breast surgery: global collaboration matters”. It was a very successful meeting, all participants enjoyed the meeting very much. We will continue to collaborate with Senaturk for more education activities in the future.


Senaturk meets BSI, June 2020

Hong Kong Society of Breast Surgeons ASM supported by BSI, 5 September 2020
The Breast Surgery International (BSI) is happy to partner with the Hong Kong Society of Breast Surgeons (HKSBS) for the meeting. This virtual meeting is organised by Dr Sharon Chan and Dr Polly Cheung, which attracted substantial participation from both BSI and HKSBS. Our president Gaurav Agarwal gave a keynote lecture on Breast Cancer Management during COVID pandemic, which is informative and enlightening. Together with our president elect Owen Ung, they also covered important topics on management of axilla on Breast Cancer Surgery. It was a great meeting with lively discussions and interactions between the two societies. We are committed to support HKSBS in their future activities.

Prof Gaurav Agarwal giving keynote lecture for Hong Kong Society of Breast Surgeons, September 2020

Prof Owen Ung giving a lecture on Management of Axilla in Breast Cancer Patients, September 2020

Before ISW 2022, we plan to carry out a number of educational activities partnering with other societies and organisations, e.g University of Malaya, Association of Breast Surgeons of India, Senaturk and Hong Kong Society of Breast Surgeon, to name a few. Please contact us if you have a proposal for the BSI to conduct any other academic or professional activities, or if you would like to contribute to the BSI activities. Hoping to see you in Kuala Lumpur in August/September 2022, and before that, virtually, over the internet !


Gaurav Agarwal, President BSI


Sharon W.W. Chan, Honorary Secretary BSI

Hong Kong Society of Breast Surgeons Committee

Webinar Participants from BSI and HKSBS, September 2020