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Breast Surgery International at the World Congress of Surgery 2017 in Basel

In Basel, we enjoyed another wonderful conference in a convivial and collegiate spirit at the World Congress of Surgery 2017. Thanks to Elizabeth Elder and the program committee, Breast Surgery International (BSI) delivered yet another successful and stimulating program along with two well attended workshops in oncoplastics and genetics.  Participants came from far and wide and we were thrilled and pleased to have a strong contingent from many of our underdeveloped nations.  These countries may lack health resources, but the surgeons that have involved themselves with our international community have demonstrated much dedication and resourcefulness. BSI was once again pleased to welcome 6 travel grant recipients who were sponsored to attend the meeting and workshops.


BSI Travel Scholars at WCS 2017

Our programme commenced with the workshops on Sunday. The first World Congress main session on Monday was a great opportunity for the collective member societies to come together and honour the many travel scholars, many of whom were in Europe for the first time. The BSI scientific program followed and was comprehensive covering a range of topics encompassing early to advanced breast cancer and oncoplastics and reconstruction. Whilst the program dealt with practical issues for our less well resourced countries, we also had many state of the art lectures. Some novel oncoplastic procedures or lymph node transfer with microvascular anastomotic techniques, for instance, are very much in the domain of quaternary referral. We were absorbed by the lectures delivered by Professor Monica Morrow who was our Veronesi lecturer. Her ability to draw on her vast experience complemented a range of succinct and evidence based lectures delivered in her indomitable style. The overall strength of the program was also due to the extensive international experience to draw upon, with so many guest lecturer contributions from prominent opinion and thought leaders in their own respective countries.


BSI President C.H. Yip congratulates M. Morrow for an outstanding Veronesi Lecture.

Six proffered papers were selected from nearly a hundred submitted abstracts. The calibre of these young surgical researchers demonstrates the benefit they will bring to their local communities and bodes well for their bright and productive surgical careers.

We had a most enjoyable dinner at Volkshaus in a beautiful setting and we have Christoph Rageth to sincerely thank for being a wonderful local host.


One of the highlights of our meeting was the Presidential address, delivered by our much loved and departing president – Emeritus Professor Cheng-Har Yip. We had a small glimpse of what has been a remarkable life of dedication to surgery in her Malaysian community and internationally. Truly Cheng-Har has had a stellar career with achievements too extensive to list in this brief report.


So as Cheng-Har Yip – immediate past president - departs, we welcome our new BSI president Omar Youssef, Professor of Surgical Oncology National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Cairo Egypt. Gaurav Agarwal (India) is our president elect and SVS Deo (India) is incoming treasurer. We give our warm thanks to Ines Buccimaza (South Africa), our former treasurer and Tiina Jahkola (Finland) who both step down from council. We welcomed new councillors Shigeru Imoto (Japan), Michael Douek (United Kingdom), Bahadir Gullouglu (Turkey) who join existing councillors Owen Ung – honorary secretary (Australia), Sharon Chan – 2019 BSI program convenor (Hong Kong), Elizabeth Elder (Australia) and Jean Francois Boilot (Canada). We also need to thank ex-officio councillors: Sarkis Meterissian – nominations committee (Canada), Kerstin Sandelin – BSI editor for WJS (Sweden) and Mikael Hartman – Chair scientific committee (Singapore) for ongoing unwavering dedication and service.


Sadly all good things must end, and the meeting concluded Thursday with all agreeing it was another great success. Now planning begins in earnest for Krakow Poland in 2019 and we look forward to greeting many old and new friends of the BSI community.


Omar Youssef, President BSI


Owen Ung, Honorary Secretary BSI


Omar Youssef,

President BSI

Owen Ung,

Honorary Secretary BSI


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