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UEMS Accreditation for Breast Surgeons


For breast surgeons aiming to get accredited the UEMS  (THE EUROPEAN UNION FOR SURGICAL SPECIALTIES) is announcing the application for the exam. The accreditation consists of three parts, firstly the eligibility process, secondly the written exam and thirdly the oral exam. The requirements can be found at


The written examination takes place at 10 European sites and two in India, Kolkata and Lahore, in Cairo and in Istanbul.


BSI council members BSI president Omar Youssef, Professor Bahadir Gulliouglu, and Professor Kerstin Sandelin  are part of the faculty. In last year examination some 70 candidates fom Europe, Africa and Asia successfully were accredited breast surgeon specialists.

The written exam will take place on the 21st June 2019.

The deadline for receipt of applications for the written exam is the 30th April 2019.