Umberto Veronesi Lectures

(given at the International Surgical Week ISW / World Congress of Surgery WCS)


The councilors of Breast Surgery International BSI, founded in Vienna 1999 got membership approval for a prestigious talk during the international surgical week of ISS/SIC. It was named the BSI Umberto Veronesi lecture as a tribute to the society’s first president Umberto Veronesi, the renowned breast surgeon - innovator from Milan Italy. The second BSI president Roger Blamey, breast surgeon from Nottingham gave the first lecture on the pertinent topic: What should breast surgeons know about breast cancer. The Nottingham group developed algorithms to predict outcome in close collaboration with pathologists. Some additional Veronesi lectures were Hiram Cody III New York US who in 2003 discussed genomic profiling as being both predictive and prognostic. Sunil Lakhani from Brisbane Australia developed in his talk molecular pathology. Ben Anderson Seattle US has worked endlessly with the global health initiative and his talk on its future was relevant to the mission of BSI, namely, to teach, support and engage in management of breast cancer in countries with limited resources. Past president Dr Polly Cheung HK SAR discussed oncoplastic breast surgery, a mode to reshape the breast with optimal outcome. BSI faculty has held numerous workshops and training courses in oncoplastic techniques during the ISS/BSI meetings and especially in Asia.

The Umberto Veronesi lecture thus became one of the highlights in the BSI program.

Kerstin Sandelin MD ISS Hon

Founding member of BSI



List of Veronesi Lecturers


International Surgical Week ISW 2022, Vienna, Austria
The role of the breast surgeon in future innovation and patient care
Introducer:    Gaurav Agarwal, India
Lecturer:    Michael Gnant, Austria

World Congress of Surgery WCS 2019, Krakow, Poland
The legacy of Umberto Veronesi: breast conservation – then and now
Introducer:    Omar Z. Youssef, Egypt
Lecturer:    Kerstin Sandelin, Sweden

World Congress of Surgery WCS 2017, Basel, Switzerland
Opportunities in the local therapy of breast cancer
Moderator:    C.H. Yip, Malaysia
Lecturer:    M. Morrow, USA

World Congress of Surgery WCS 2015, Bangkok, Thailand
Prognostic and predictive factors in breast cancer
Moderator:    S.H. Meterissian, Canada 
Lecturer:    K. Hunt, USA

International Surgical Week ISW 2013, Helsinki, Finland
Effect analysis: mutual impact of BCT and oncoplastic on breast reconstructive surgery
Moderator:    P.S.Y. Cheung, Hong Kong SAR
Lecturer:    W. Audretsch, Germany

International Surgical Week ISW 2011, Yokohama, Japan
Breast Health Global Initiative: the future
Introducer:    J.K. Harness, USA
Lecturer:    B.O. Anderson, USA

International Surgical Week ISW 2009, Adelaide, Australia
Molecular pathology and surgical practice
Introducer:    J.K. Harness, USA
Lecturer:    S.R. Lakhani, Australia

International Surgical Week ISW 2007, Montreal, Canada
In an era of gene expression profiling, has lymph node staging for breast cancer become irrelevant?
Introduction:    G. Agarwal, India
Lecturer:    H. Cody III, USA

International Surgical Week ISW 2005, Durban, South Africa
The role of the surgeon in the multidisciplinary approach of breast cancer
Introduction:    J.K. Harness, USA
Lecturer:    R. Jakesz, Austria

International Surgical Week ISW 2003, Bangkok, Thailand – Congress Cancelled

International Surgical Week ISW 2001, Brussels, Belgium – Centennial Congress
What should surgeons know about breast cancer
Lecturer:    R.W. Blamey, UK

International Surgical Week ISW 1999, Vienna, Austria
Inaugural Meeting of BSI


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